Guardianship/ Conservatorship

As people age, there often comes a time when they are no longer able to make sound decisions when it comes to their personal and financial affairs, or communicate these decisions to others. This leaves elders vulnerable to scams, fraud, inappropriate outside influence, or risks to their health. In these cases, legal guardianship or conservatorship serves to protect individuals and make sure they’re cared for as they age.

A guardianship or conservatorship isn’t just for the elderly. A guardian or conservator can be appointed for anyone who isn’t able to make decisions for themselves. For example, a guardian may be appointed over a person who is temporarily incapacitated by an accident or illness, a minor, or someone with disabilities. Depending on the circumstances, a conservator may be appointed to make decisions on certain aspects of a person’s affairs (such as finances) or all of them. Once a guardianship or conservatorship is granted, there are ongoing requirements to check in with the court and maintain detailed records.

If you know someone who you believe is no longer able to make sound decisions to care for themselves, the logistics can feel overwhelming. We will listen and collaborate with family members and others to provide the necessary level of support in the least restrictive way possible. We care passionately about protecting the rights of those who can’t advocate for themselves. Whether that means a guardianship, conservatorship or other alternatives we will handle your case with the utmost care and respect.

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