Estate Administration

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, administering their estate can seem like an onerous and overwhelming task. The administration of someone’s estate generally involves paying off any remaining debts, and dealing with any remaining assets. Estates are generally administered by the individual who is designated as the personal representative. If you’ve been designated as the personal representative of someone’s estate, it is often helpful (or necessary, in some cases) to have experienced legal assistance to help you navigate the process.


If the deceased person didn’t have a will, dividing their property becomes more complicated. We will evaluate the most appropriate option for estate administration given the size of the estate, anticipated conflict and potential creditor or tax issues. Often a personal representative is appointed by the court and the probate process begins. Probate through the court is not always required.


Some estates are simple and well-planned, while others are more complex or require more involved proceedings. It can be a lot to manage, especially if you are grieving the loss of a loved one. We assist by walking you through the process and helping you to make these important decisions. You do not have to handle this alone.

If you need assistance settling someone’s estate, we’re here to support you.