About the firm

Powerful representation. Positive resolution.

At Stacey L. Johnson, PLLC, We protect vulnerable clients but also assist family and professionals in protecting vulnerable adults. Whether that means advocating for their continued care and well-being or assisting family members with the administration of estates, you can expect our focused attention, compassion, and skillful advocacy.

We know that the issues you’re facing are incredibly personal and unique to you and your family. Emotions often run high when there is so much at stake. This is exactly why we take a common sense, candid approach to these matters and take the time to understand what you truly need. We go above and beyond for each of our clients – because that is simply what they deserve from the counsel they trust.

When you work with Stacey, you can expect a listening ear, experienced and skillful guidance, and a powerful, passionate advocate. She will do what’s necessary to get you a positive, just outcome, whether that means easing you through a collaborative process or fighting for you in court. In challenging circumstances, she’s a compassionate advocate you can trust.

Let us advocate for you. Call us today.